About our Studio

Vivifica studios is an independent Novel publisher based in Phoenix, Arizona. Vivifica studios does everything from picking up an manuscript to editing and cover design. Vivifica studios publishes an array of titles from Mystery, Fantasy to Young adult and everything in between. Vivifica studios is known for its Japanese Light Novel Series "The Timeless Zodiac." Written by Dana Skvarek II and illustrated by Jolene Skvarek. All of our titles are bravely edited by Jeff Goeson.

Jolene Skvarek



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Vivifica Studios is the brainchild of Jolene. Jolene is an American Mangaka, YA author and former comic book artist. Jolene has worked for companies such as IDW, 215 Ink, and Fubar Press. When Jolene isn't working on freelance manga gigs she's writing her next novel or drawing The Timeless Zodiac.

Dana Skvarek II



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Dana Skvarek, is an accomplished screenwriter and novelist, with over 15 years of experience. His first novel was published when he was only 16, which encouraged Dana to continue to make a career out of writing. His latest work includes “The Timeless Zodiac” series of light novels as well as many other new titles.

Jeff Goeson



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Jeff Goeson, has a long history with the written word. For years his primary jobs have required him to write, edit and submit detailed reports, so making the transition to editing creative works was a smooth and pleasant one for him. Jeff comes to Vivifica as our primary editor, indulging in the sometimes arduous tasks of keeping our writers looking brilliant at all costs.